Abramelin, day 19

Morning rite went well. I slept for about seven hours straight, I guess I needed it. My dreams were mixed, and in parts nightmarish. Hoping for better tonight. I’ve been spending a good deal of time cleaning my house; maybe it stirred something up? Who knows?

Much of today was spent thinking about things which currently do not exist in my life but would like to have. Some of this was spent thinking of ways in which I could take steps to get those things. But really, what I think needs to happen is that I need to polish my psychic shit and clean the airways. Too much gunk and dwelling on negativity and it dirties the lens.

I got to get some walking in, which amounts to long periods of time thinking by myself with nothing else to do. This is both a good and a bad thing.

Evening rite also went okay, although I spent a good chunk of time ranting and rambling. Too much stuff needs fixing, too many things I desperately want to toss into the fire. Hoping for some oracular insight.

Cleanse and purge.

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