Abramelin, day 261

Morning rite went well. Missed noon prayer rite due to one meeting after another from 11:30 until I left work. Wow. It may be the first one I’ve missed since I started the Abramelin. Gods.

Paranoid as hell about that almond wand, still no word and it’s been over a week. So do I go ahead and start the final week next Wednesday and gamble that it’ll reach me in time for the conjuration? What the hell do I do? I’m a bit panicked. Taking off two weeks as a new employee is beyond problematic; if I can’t finish in conjunction with Christmas vacation/break I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do.

Trying to focus on what I need to focus on but so much going on. Readily admitting to focusing on shit that shouldn’t matter, probably because the stuff that does is too stressful to think about right now.

Evening rite went as well as could be expected.

One thought on “Abramelin, day 261

  1. Matt White says:

    You’ve prepared, you’ve toiled, you’ve done the work. My opinion (and that’s all it is) tell the universe and your HGA when you are going to start, and leave the rest up to them. There comes a time when we need to give control up, or our belief in it, and just release and let God/Gods take the wheel and drive.

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