Abramelin, day 245

Morning rite and noon prayer rite went well.

Heard back from the almond wand place, they’re trying to get in touch with the wand maker for an update and will let me know soon.

Work has picked up the pace DRAMATICALLY. In meeting #2 had this overwhelming feeling I was just where I needed to be. Everything is falling into place.

For the first time in a while, I’m feeling ridiculously awesome and optimistic.

Evening rite went well.

2 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 245

  1. tryptych says:

    It’s a great gift to us all that you’re keeping this public record of your Abramelin program.
    Read that you’ve got at least one group for a bit of support. But it occurred to me as I was reading through several posts, that it might be useful to have a dream suss-out exchange. If that seems useful, I’m taking Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery, and have a range of experience in different realms of shamanic and magickal study.
    Odd proposal to get from a stranger, but Life’s short, so there it is <|: )
    Glorious Morphing to you!
    P.S.Please remove double b's and 'eek' to reply.

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