Abramelin, day 234

Morning rite and noon prayer rite went well.

I think I am missing a day, but I’m not sure. The trip to the Cape has me totally thrown off.

Day two of job went well. I may like it here. Haven’t done any real work yet so hard to say. I never really know until after the first couple of months.

After work got to hang out with a few people from my coven.

I have a lot to work on but feeling insanely optimistic. I know what I want and I’m defining it more and more all the time. At the same time, I feel like I’ve been doing this rite forever. Am I there yet? lol

Evening rite went well.

4 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 234

  1. Logofernando says:

    Hi Scarlet its Logan. You seem quite miserable when you write on this blog. Either stressed or exhausted – but you consistently say rites went well with no details. I am not sure of the purpose of this blog – is it to associate events in your day to day life with your ritual work i.e. bad things are happening because of the ritual and that is good because its cleaning out your life or something, or is it some kind of normal life diary with Abramelin tagged on? It would be nice, just as an interested party and associate of yours, to know what ”went well” means, in that what happened – did it feel nice, did something happen etc? As you know I have a lot of misgivings about the WMT and its various errata and I’d like to know a little more about why you are doing this ritual and what you hope to achieve from it – not only the obvious in that K&C with HGA but what you imagine that to be like, etc. No pressure obviously. Just a bit concerned about you.

    • Scarlet Magdalene says:

      Neither miserable nor stressed, although if you go through my entries you’ll find days where I WAS miserable and stressed. In the past two months, I had a cat in ICU, had fantastic amounts of job stress and wound up losing that job, dealt with family drama, etc etc. It’s just that I try to keep the entries brief, and sometimes I don’t have time to have a long entry. I also leave out a lot of personal details for a variety of reasons.

      Generally the rituals are good; I’m usually “high” after and have the sense I accomplished something. On other days the noon rite gets half-assed, or I’m whining to the gods about how certain things totally suck and I need some help already, etc. I don’t always feel like it went well but most of the time I do.

      I am BEYOND glad that I did this rite. It repaired a lot of shit with me that I can’t really get into, suffice to say that this rite deprograms and reprograms your subconscious mind. You will not be the same leaving it as you are going in. I would not describe this as a WMT rite although many in WMT are utterly obsessed with it and have a lot of very, very wrong ideas about it.

      Purpose of blog is two-fold: to look back and see how things in my life progressed as the ritual progressed, and also to demonstrate that this rite is Not Scary and doesn’t require total isolation. I’ve been messaged and emailed by many that I’ve inspired them to actually Do the Work. I’m a big believer in that sort of thing, and so it goes.

      No need to be concerned about me. Two months ago, that would NOT have been the case. Life absolutely slammed me. Things are going much better now.

  2. Logofernando says:

    Not sure exactly why I asked you the question in context with the post. Depending what computer I am on sometimes my blog is updated with fresh entries sometimes it shows older ones. I think I may have read an earlier entry and then commented on a newer entry. Apologies if I caused any upset. Not my intention. I have been worried about you in the past reading this blog though for sure. Glad to hear things are going better now.

    • Scarlet Magdalene says:

      No worries, Logan – I can’t complain when people worry about me, it shows they care. 🙂

      Yeah, from end of Aug through beginning of Oct was insane and insanely stressful, life just dumped a ton of insanity on me. Doing MUCH better now, my kitty is in diabetic remission with no health issues (the doctors described it as a “miracle”), I have a new and much better job, etc. The gods provide.

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