Abramelin, day 219

Morning rite went well, managed to get noon prayer rite in.

Clearly I have found my niche–not that I didn’t already have a sense of it anyhow. Got a LOT of compliments today on my readings: I have a real gift, I’m a headliner, etc. Doing my best not to let it go to my head but happy to hear that I’m helping so many people doing something I enjoy.

I’ve also been offered the opportunity to act as a regular backup psychic on weekends. Definitely going to do it. Could help a lot towards transitioning out of IT.

So many people seem surprised at how long I’ve been at this rite now. Honestly…end date is up to the gods. I figure receiving my almond wand will be a signal as to about when I need to make the final preparations for the last part of this operation.

Evening rite went well.

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