Abramelin, day 212

Morning rite and noon prayer rite went well.

Another day in Salem. Went well although nowhere near as busy as yesterday. Yesterday was nuts.

Very, very aware of how much that needs to get done this week. Glad I have some time set aside to relax, go out to eat, get a massage, etc. I need the downtime. Also, need some kitty cuddle time.

I’m spending so much time in altered states that being in the rest of world is starting to get weird.

Once again finding myself in a position of having to stick to my ethical principles even if it means bowing out of a group. A shame but so it goes. I keep finding more and more issues with the Hellenic polytheist community; there are a number of good people in it but too many assuming roles of leadership who really have no business doing so. More and more I am realizing I will need to strike it out on my own, maintain friendships but ultimately do my own thing. I don’t know if I reacted the right way about it online; I got a bit fired up about it. But it’s an issue which has come up before and has shades of the whole “x deity told/commanded me to tell you all xyz” which I find incredibly distasteful.

I also got to finally communicate how I feel about a difficult issue with someone, which makes me incredibly relieved.

Evcening rite went well. I need to spend more time in meditation and offline in general.


One thought on “Abramelin, day 212

  1. Scott Rassbach says:

    I’ve noticed that a lot of people have trouble distinguishing personal gnosis from universal gnosis. Those people often say “x deity told/commanded me to tell you all xyz”, when it’s really just a message for them and they don’t realize they should share but not make it a commandment kind of thing.

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