Abramelin, day 209

Morning and noon rites went well.

Now on antibiotics. And if my dreams last night and what I received in my inbox this morning were any indicator, heat’s turning up again. But in other news, I am quite happy that fear ‘n’ feces demons of the past are now mangy little mutts trying to hump my leg. Success is its own reward.

I was right about the offer I wish to turn down. Too much game playing right now. Recruiters doing it too. And yet another interview too focused on “all of the jobs” and insinuating that I’m “attracted” to unstable companies. One of them happens to develop software even my mom knows about, hardly tiny little startups that this happened with, and oh yes I pointed this out. I take absolutely zero bullshit.

I need to leave IT for a far better career.

Evening rite went well.


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