Abramelin, day 204

Morning rite and noon prayer rite well.

The second person last night in the past week told me the same thing: that something is going on with me where I am not communicating what I feel and I am about to explode. The first person was looking at my aura and chakra reading and came up with it, now last night similar deal. Given how ridiculously outspoken I am I can only think of a few things this could possibly elude to. But given more than one person has told me this, I cannot ignore it. Hm.

So. Many. Readings. Very busy yesterday.

Evening rite went well.

One thought on “Abramelin, day 204

  1. Russ Clayton says:

    I’ve been following you from the start,but maintaining a silence.
    This first ever comment I have decided to post to you may not change much for you overnight (at least in terms of point (1),written below).But it’s sent with all the right intentions nonetheless.Hence,I want to say the following couple of things to you.
    1)I admire the fact you have embarked on this monumental rite,and chosen to share the process with onlookers.All in very difficult circumstances that have not afforded you the luxury of escaping the ‘real world’ (ie.of holding down employment and mixing with those who are likely to be tone-deaf or non-plussed by your Spiritual quest).Your circumstances certainly add a layer of difficulty that might not have been faced by the practitioners of old-so really I think you do very well indeed.Dont fear failure on the Spiritual side,just as you now realise that ‘fear should not be feared’ in the more prosaic world of success in the corporate realm.You are already in the hands of your Angel who will never reject you or allow external events to bring ruin to the love He/She eternally burns with for You and no other.If you can’t sleep well sometimes,please reconcile yourself to that fact.Furthermore embrace it.And never be concerned that you may ‘lose the plot’ or experience a comprehensive meltdown of some sort…..there’s such a faint line dividing such ‘mental catastrophe’ or ‘traumatic experience’ from the ecstatic bliss of Divine Union that if you do ‘break’ it will almost certainly be the most wonderful process you have been blessed by.
    All is unfolding exactly as it should.
    And you are truly a Magnificent Lion(ess) Of A Woman.

    2)Tonite,I will devote a substantial portion of my prayer time to sending you as much help as possible.My prayers will go via Jesus Christ who,I believe,attained Divinity from Magushood.I eschew each and every way JC has been represented by all the church(es) and my own relationship to Him is personal,private,and unique to me.My prayer sessions are infrequent,but lengthy.And they’re submitted to more than one Divinity or Deity depending on the objective.They are never unanswered,and produce profound results against all odds every time, without fail.

    Lovely love and Sunday blessings to you,Scarlet Magdalene.

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