Abramelin, day 199

Morning rite and noon prayer rite went well.

Today was phone interview, work, more recruiter contacts, and just general Monday whatever.

It also occurred to me how many of my goals could be helped by doing more chakra balancing meditations. Root is so much better than it used to be but could stand more love. I’ve been looking for more avenues of increased manifestation and I think that might grease the gears for me, so to speak. I typically listen to a bunch of subliminal mp3s with sounds of waves and water as I go to sleep that are for each of the chakras, so I made a separate playlist specifically for the ones which need the most amount of help.

Met a friend for dinner whom I haven’t seen in a while. Between job drama, kitty drama, car drama, family drama, Abramelin drama, been pretty separated from the world. Not a bad thing, probably the only way to get a high extrovert into doing so.

Got to get in a brief cuddle with my kitties. It’s wonderful to see my previously sick cat running about like a kitten. She’s also light enough to pick up and cuddle now, and makes the most adorable purrs when I do so.


Evening rite went well.

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