Abramelin, day 172

Morning rite went well, as did noon prayer rite. Walk after.

I don’t recall my dreams last night; I went to sleep VERY early and slept through almost the entire night straight.

They want me done with my current project at work by mid-Oct, originally slated as being “a bit too aggressive”. Now suddenly it isn’t. I don’t feel good about this change, and I’m wondering if I’ll be out of a job come November.

My cats continue to be okay, and the dear lil diabetic one is handling her shots VERY well. The oral meds, not so much. I adjusted my work schedule to compensate so I’ll have more than enough time in the morning to work out, take care of her, and get my shit together.

I’ve been losing weight and not on purpose. I swear I’m eating but I’m just too stressed to eat at normal levels. I’m hoping with the increased workouts in the morning it’ll increase my appetite and this won’t be a problem.

I’m fried. Totally fried.

Evening rite went well.

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