Abramelin, day 159

Morning rite went well.

It is surreal having only one of my two cats in the house, and the one who is here is definitely in need of more attention than usual.

Noon prayer rite went well. Visited my kitty in the hospital after. She saw me, lifted her head up and meowed a few times. Got head scritches and under the chin rubs, then rested her head on my hand. Much more spirit in her than yesterday.

Family drama is escalating and I’m staying out of it. My hands are pretty full right now. I hope my kitty will spring back after this. She is in increasing health but not out of the woods yet. Provided she stays the course she’ll be okay. Still praying like hell.

Stomach still not handling food too well. Major stress does NOT agree with me and often turns into a real illness if left unchecked. Managed to get lunch in me, tried a snack and my stomach’s been cramping up ever since. Been getting fluids in me, herbal tea and Earl Grey and water.

Visited kitty in hospital again tonight, they had her sedated for a procedure and now have a feeding tube in her. She’s slowly improving. Fingers crossed.

Evening rite went well.


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