Abramelin, day 137

Morning rite went well, but getting up was once again a struggle.

I am thinking if I do not receive a clear indication one way or another, I will continue the rite until March. I will continue praying for a clear answer. I am not in a hurry; I am done baking when I am done baking. It’s all in the hands of the gods now.

Noon prayer rite went well, got to go for my walk also.

I have a bit of a moral and ethical dilemma right now that I’d rather not get into on any public entry because of the amount of drama it would cause should it get to certain people. And I also don’t know what to do about it. This is one of those situations where I gave the benefit of the doubt and hoped weird feelings were paranoia, but they aren’t. I may have to find a way to bow out of something gracefully but clearly, and unfortunately I see no way to do that without literally hundreds of people realizing something weird is up.

Gods, what a mess.

Evening rite went well. I prayed for guidance and wisdom.

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