Abramelin, day 130

Morning rite went well.

I am slowly integrating everything together: the job, the new schedule, the physical fitness, the meditation, etc. I take advantage of the car drive to listen to good audiobooks on personal and spiritual development. I still have concerns on taking a week off from work but it sounds like I have a cool enough boss to get away with it. I cannot get away with two weeks, however, and my reasons are financial: since I am a contractor, I won’t get paid. I’d miss half a month’s worth of pay. Just can’t do it. At least with the side business I can horde money away in the meantime and see if I can do some overtime in the weeks before and after to make up for it.

Noon prayer rite went well, did my usual walk after.

I feel a lot calmer these days, a lot more content. I’m not without my stresses, but I’ve found going with the flow is a lot easier than freaking out.

Evening rite went well.


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