Abramelin, day 122

I awoke from one of my numerous “I’m trying to get to my damned flight” dreams where the guy who was driving me to the airport was taking forever, had me waiting instead at a T stop, and I was about to miss the flight. I was frustrated, freaking out, and wondering if I had the money to get on a later flight if they charged me. I am wondering where that guy was trying to take me and am wondering if I was being detoured from the plane ride into a slightly longer but better route. I’ve had these stupid plane dreams for years now; I know what they’re about but this latest one has me puzzled.

Morning rite went well.

I almost lost track of time; Sundays will do that to you. I got to my rite around a quarter after noon.

Today needs to be “workouts and laundry day”, but my body is having none of it. My energy levels are much lower than usual and my stomach is bothering me. I’d blame last night’s dinner but I was a bit off yesterday too. I honestly blame the joys of hormones. I spent most of the day lying in bed. I guess this is once again the Powers That Be forcing me to slow the fuck down. I got some food in me and did a workout later on at night, but it wasn’t what I would’ve preferred.

I was “directed” (I put that in quotes) from either my HGA or one of my deities, not entirely sure which, to get No Ordinary Moments on Kindle. One of the first things it covered was the idea that your work, family, etc is ALL a part of your “spiritual life” and struggles in such can help you grow on all levels. This is essentially the idea I’ve come into this rite with; the idea that I didn’t need to totally remove myself into some far off, secluded wilderness in order to do this rite and that barely anyone could do it in the 21st century unless they were self employed, financially independent, unemployed by choice or force, etc. Knowing how my normal 9-5 jobs go, it will probably be seclusion enough. Few jobs are more introverted than software development.

First day back tomorrow, I am overwhelmed. I hope this works out. This better work out.

Evening rite went well.


2 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 122

  1. troll (couldn't help it) says:

    If that was my dream and I was doing the Abramelin rite, I would think it had to do with my HGA (driver?). Maybe I was worried it was taking too long, or I didn’t have enough of what it took (money) to make a necessary change. T stop? Crossroads? Maybe the longer route is better. πŸ™‚ I had a plane dream once, where my dad (the pilot) was going to jump out of the plane. I tried to talk him out of it, telling him we needed him but he said it was his time to go. He was diagnosed with brain cancer a few months later and died soon after. Those plane dreams can be pretty darn accurate.

    • Scarlet Magdalene says:

      I thought of that too, it being my HGA. It wasn’t even so much that it would take longer as much as I was convinced that it would take longer, would be more costly, etc. I woke up wondering if that had truly been the case at all.

      And ouch on that dream. πŸ™

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