Abramelin, day 115

Morning rite went well. The mornings are always the toughest, as I am not a morning person.

Noon came VERY fast, rite went well, was pretty high after.

I have been drafted, more or less, into a group of fellow priest(esse)s of Apollo. On Sunday, no less. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. I have decided today to do my fasting on my rest day for my workouts and have today be the ritual bath. I have learned that the alchemy for each can be a bit…interesting, and things are already coming on hard and fast as is. I also don’t like the idea of working out and only having liquids or whatever that day; my inner fitness coach positively screams at the idea. No, just no.

The past two days have been pretty intense; I appear to have regained something which I have lost, a mixed blessing and at a cost. I don’t know if this is a distraction, a lesson, or the consequences of being so open that so many roads are now made clear. I have no idea. I am wary, and cautiously optimistic.

Exercise, shower, purification bath, then evening rite, which went well. I have a LOT on my mind, including the job I am to start and everything that has come crashing down on me like a ton of bricks practically overnight. I fast either tomorrow or on my rest day on Friday. I will play it by ear.


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