Abramelin, day 108

I awoke at dawn, and so I went in and did the rite. It went well.

It occurred to me that part of my upset stomach yesterday could be my need to do a fasting/cleansing day. Being as active as I am, I have subconsciously been resisting the idea. Since today is Sunday and I plan to do the purification bath (Apollo’s day is perfect for this sort of thing) I could also do some sort of special fasting day. I will pray for guidance in this.

All of this lack of a regular day job is useful, but can’t help but think it would’ve been better for me during phase 3. It’s going to be VERY strange for me to have a regular day job in a few weeks, stranger still to do it at the start of phase 3. I don’t think there’s a “typical” Abramelin experience but so far I think I’m breaking the mold right, left, and center.

Been doing reading on the fasting thing, sunset to sunset makes the most sense. I will say however that the last four hours were brutal. I even started to not feel so well. At least I didn’t work out or go for any walks, or anything. Tomorrow starts a new fitness program, too. I also did a purification bath today.

Several divinations by myself and others seem to indicate I’m on the right track. Lots of repetition about following my intuition, balance between material and spiritual worlds. Good.

Evening rite went well.

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