Abramelin, day 102

Up at dawn, so I did the morning rite in a timely fashion. Funny how that works. My dreams these days have been strange, last night’s was no exception. In one of them, I was getting my hair done and I looked completely like someone else, had someone else’s face, and had short, spiky blonde hair. In the past few nights I’ve also been dreaming about many levels and floors of some large building, floods and terrorism, etc. The constant are those floors and going up and down from one to the next. I have become aware that there are two parts of me: one that is fearful, anxious, and freaking out and another which is at peace, in tune with my gods, and connected in a way that I am not always able to be, at least consciously. It is this part of me I feel is connected with my HGA and is most aware of his presence.

Today was more “coincidences” piled on top of more “coincidences”. I can’t help but put those into quotes. I think of how I’m ten days away from phase three and I really don’t feel remotely prepared.

I bought a book on someone’s experiences with mediumship; I think I need it.

Evening rite went well.


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