Abramelin, day 60

Morning rite went well. My fun of attempting to fit in at least an hour of some form of spiritual contemplation with a workout schedule begins. I am wondering if there’s some way I can combine the two. For great justice. Because seriously, I’m not sure how to get in a normal work schedule, a workout schedule, and AHHHHH. Taking suggestions and ideas. Workouts range between 30-60 minutes a day and I do workout DVDs. I’m on a semi-set schedule. I think I need to work from home most mornings, do the workouts then, then get into work late, etc. I’ll figure it out. I gotta. To my credit, I got some reading in while eating dinner. I think finding those two hours per day for contemplation after dinner will be my biggest struggle. If I get in an hour I will call it awesome and progress. Maybe if I do a little here, a little there, spread it out…I can get there.

Today was a mixture of frustration and adjustment. Very up and down mood-wise. I am definitely still recharging from the charity walk and really could’ve had a day off today. Fortunately I DO get off early on Friday and have off next Monday, so I thank the gods for the little things. The workouts did help.

I did not get the job I applied for, but I’m looking at it as an opportunity to think very hard about what sort of opportunity will get me towards the goals I have set out for myself.

Evening rite went well. I am left with the lingering feeling that I’m missing something or something is not quite right. I can’t tell if it’s because I’m still worn out from this weekend, I’m expecting too much, or what. Something is off. What am I missing? Ugh.

One thought on “Abramelin, day 60

  1. Xavier Garcia says:

    Although I am not performing the complete AC Samekth rite I am learningthe bornless rite in Greek. Sending you much luck your way….Xavier

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