Abramelin, day 32

Morning rite went okay. The theme of boundaries continues to pervade. It’s funny; I consider myself to be very assertive bordering on near aggressive, very outspoken, and incredibly far from being a pushover. It appears that these boundary issues are very select and pertaining to very specific things in my life. I need to watch these things more carefully and examine why they’re the exception to the rule and not the rule. An important email, in fact, was just sent, as those boundaries are yet again being tested.

Also something I’m noticing coming up: bullies and how I react to them. I’ve always had an allergy to them, but it seems that I am crossing paths with them more often than not during this time. And when they do, I confront…and typically the shit hits the fan because they don’t like that. XD I’ve just dealt with two in the past five minutes alone, interestingly enough both of them appear to have similar opinions except one is being passive-aggressive about it, and the other is just being…well, aggressive.

Naturally it’s kind of obvious to note that boundary pushers typically are bullies. And sometimes–and more often than not–they are also abusers.

Another thing that is coming up in combination with bullies: abusers and cult leader types, elements of my past bad experiences with esoteric orders and groups coming into play and helping some people who have come forward to me about their own experiences. A lot of this stuff bridges my experiences in the occult communities with that of the Hellenic pagan. Brings back a lot of memories and lessons learned the hard way. I hope I can help people to better absorb theirs and let them know they’re not alone and they too can heal.

Healing has honestly been the theme of the Abramelin working so far. Burn, heal, and evolve. Cleanse, purge, and elevate.

Evening rite went well. I’m a bit punchy right now; I feel the need to seriously do some purging and I’m about to collapse right now. That whole past revisiting/reclaiming thing is slamming forth in the form of wave after wave, and with it comes the opportunity to work through issues in a way which is positive to both me and others. I welcome and accept that opportunity. Tonight was definitely priestessing night.

2 thoughts on “Abramelin, day 32

  1. Does the Abramelin rite allow for the magical correction of those people? As in is the message to magically deal with those people if you cannot physically stop them ( abusers wont stop). Magically, remove them from situations that you physically cannot ( thus removing them from your universe, and although there may be a delay from your personal life). A sort of Martial forceful cutting of the forces that would try to force their way in?

    Just curious… and I know what type of work I have been doing for 30 days, so… take it with a grain of salt.

    • Scarlet Magdalene says:

      I know of nothing in the rite which prohibits it, but there’s a particular situation which has affected some people which requires some attention, and I won’t say more than that.

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