Abramelin, day 31

I just realized that I’m technically now in the second half of phase 1, if using the Mathers’ version. I have essentially “signed myself up” for six months to start but as I’ve been telling my HGA (and anyone reading this blog) it’ll take as long as it takes. Not here for a drive thru and fries with that to go.

Morning rite went well. I leave to go back home today and it’s back to my regularly scheduled rites and location. My dreams were both normal, and not. My subconscious had a lot to rant my about in regards to personal boundaries. Again with the pendulum: I’m typically either super militant about them to the point where everything and everyone is shut out, or I have massive issues with people who start disrespecting them and treating them as a joke. Needs to be somewhere in between. This is a universal problem on the Internet, “real life”, etc. Issues with my family later on confirmed that feeling. Tests, tests, and more tests.

I had an interesting conversation with others today about our relationships with the gods, how specific ones have affected our lives, etc. It was wonderful to talk about things I normally don’t feel comfortable sharing with a great many people.

Evening rite went well. I missed being in my temple room.

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